K3S Metrics

K3S Metrics were developed so that Buyers and Managers could better understand how their inventory and the users of the K3S-Replenish software are performing. In this guide we will break up the two sections of Metrics and describe each metric and how they relate. 

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Inventory Metrics

K3S Replenish is capturing inventory performance information in 4 separate levels for all your products. From the bottom up product information is captured. That is used to figure out metrics for each supplier. Suppliers are rolled up into each location for your company. Locations are rolled up into an overall company view.
**Note - If you only have one location your location and company data will look the same. 

These Metrics will allow you to see an overall picture of how your company is performing down to the product level and easily explore and find 'misbehaving' products. 

How to use Inventory Metrics

User Metrics

K3S Replenish is tracking how users are employing the system to manage their inventory. The system is tracking information in two separate levels: User and Buyer. It is possible in the system for a user to have multiple Buyer groups as well as a Buyer group to have multiple users. User metrics will let you take a look at each angle. On the main menu is a 'live view' for PEs Open, Suppliers Neededing Attention, and New Products. The numbers shown for each user are calculated at that moment that the screen is loaded.