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K3S-Replenish Learning Guide

This is the official learning guide for K3S Replenish. It is designed for new and existing users.

This guide is designed to follow the frame work of K3S Inventory SOOP. There are 4 Learning Modules. They should be completed in order the first time and can be used as a reference going forward.

Below are the learning objectives for each module.

Module 1 Learning Objectives:
  1. To gain an understanding of what it means for a company's inventory to be in Survival Mode.
  2. How Inventory SOOP is used to "tame" the Buying Process.
Module 2 Learning Objectives:
  1. To gain an understanding of the basics steps of organizing a supplier.
  2. Being able to identify and change lead time for a supplier.
  3. Having an understanding of how to set up discount bracket levels.
  4. Understanding the buy multiple and current values.
  5. Understanding how to interpret product history, averages, and seasonality.
  6. The importance of order cycle analysis and determining the best choice for the supplier.
  7. Learning the important components of setting up daily replenish.
Module 3 Learning Objectives:
  1. To gain an understanding of the Night Job and how it works
  2. To learn the dynamics of the K3S Totem Pole and how to utilize it
  3. How to perform PE Checks and understanding why they are so important
  4. Having an overall understanding of applying best practices to ensure success
  5. How to effectively evaluate batches in order to help manage inventory levels
  6. Understanding K3S metrics in order to see how your inventory is performing
Module 4 Learning Objectives:
  1. To gain an understanding of forward buying and the benefits it presents in K3S-Replenish.
  2. Learning how to use the hold out feature in order to be effective as a speculative buyer.
  3. Learning how and when to use the automated add days feature.
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