Installing K3S-Replenish

Description: This section will describe the install process for K3S-Replenish® as well as other features you can customize for your company.  As you complete each step through the process you can hit 'Next' at the bottom of each page to go to the next section. There is also a PDF printable version at the bottom of the page.

  1. Install K3S-Replenish® from CD
  2. Establish User ID and Password for K3S Personnel
  3. Entry Point Into K3S-Replenish® System
  4. Three Lists Needed for Conversion
  5. Three Files Required For Conversion
  6. Running The Conversion Process
  7. Sign on to K3S-Replenish® After Conversion
  8. Preparation for Conference Call #1
  9. K3S-Replenish® Automated Jobs
  10. Purchase Order Approval Process
  11. Interface for Lead Time Forecasting
  12. Product Linking
  13. Interface File for the K3S-Replenish® Deal System
  14. Automatic Add of Suppliers
  15. Add of Products During the Day
  16. F8= Exit in K3S-Replenish® System (Exit to Customer's data)
  17. Setting Up Alternate Source Suppliers
  18. How To Perform a Test for Alternate Source Suppliers
  19. F7=PO's Exit to Customer's PO System Information
  20. F18=Sales Exit to a Customer's Sales Information System
  21. Establish Service Level Targets by Buy Group or Product Group
  22. Decision About How to Launch K3S-Replenish® Night Job
  23. Deal Information From K3S-Replenish® to your PO System
  24. Skip LT Forecasting? (N=No, Y=Yes)
  25. Exit Point for SOQ Change
  26. Population for K_PRODHIS File with up to 9 Additional Record Types
  27. Reload of History After Conversion
  28. Period End Filtering
  29. Customer Usage Facility
  30. Exit Point Programs (CLLE type) During K3S-Replenish® Warehouse Night Job
  31. How to Setup Selected Product Review Batch of Type Qxx
  32. How to Setup User Defined Checks U1 through U4 on Totem Pole
  33. Period Ending Date
  34. Populate Text Lines K3S_1040, K3S_3030, K3S_8011
  35. Customer Specific Menu
  36. Suggested Orders and PE Exceptions by User ID
  37. Supplier, Product, and User Reminders
  38. Setting up a 'VIEW_ONLY' Domain and Adding a New User to the K3S System
  39. Changing a User's Domain to 'VIEW_ONLY'
  40. Providing Report Capabilities for Domain of VIEW_ONLY
  41. Providing Management Capabilities for a User
  42. Establish DLT Records - Deal Allowance Types
  43. 'Your Space' on K3S_1030
  44. F1=Help Documentation
  45. K3S_XRPTCL Exit - After Report Print
  46. APP Record Settings for Right Adjusted Product ID's
  47. Decision About how To Backup K3S Libraries
  48. Control Sequence of Products in Customer's PO System
  49. Table Code Settings for Daily Replenishment
  50. Ability to Name Seasonal Profiles
  51. Protecting K3S jobs from being ended
  52. Setting up a 'Notes Only' Domain
  53. Changing a User's Domain to Notes_Only
  54. Using Non-standard Library Names for QRY Batch
  55. Using the K_PRODLNK file for item number replacement 
  56. Updating Product Hold Outs when a PO is received

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