51. Protecting K3S jobs from being ended

Description:  Protecting K3S jobs from being ended.

If your environment is setup so that mutliple scheduled K3S jobs get backed up in the job queue, then you will run into a situation where some of the jobs get ended prematurely.

When the scheduled K3S jobs run they call program K3S_RMVJOB as an initial step. Program K3S_RMVJOB calls RPG program K3S_9702 which will look for any other K3S jobs that are in the queue. If it finds any, it will end them immediately. However, each job is protected from ending itself due to a MONMSG for CPF1342 in program K3S_9702CL.

Table code type APP allows you to create 'K3S_9702' records to tell RPG program K3S_9702 the names of scheduled K3S jobs you do not want canceled in case several jobs are stacked up in the job queue.

To enter APP K3S_9702 records start from the K3S main menu and take option 9. Operations. 

Choose option 3. Table codes.

Use 1=Select on table code type APP Applications Control.

Page down several times and you will see APP record 'K3S_9702   K3S_SEND.'

Use 5=View on this record;
you will be adding records with the same layout as this 'K3S_9702   K3S_SEND' record.  Where it says 'K3S_SEND' is where you will put the name of the K3S job you want to 'protect' from being ended by another job.

Press F12=Previous to get back to your list.

Now press F6=Add to add your new records.

Put 'K3S_9702' into the left part of the table code value field, and put the name of the K3S job in the right part of the table code value field.

Put a description into the Description 1 field.

Below is an example of a record created for K3S job 'K3S_5RGZPF'

Press ENTER when you are done entering the above described information.

When you are back at your list of APP records you will see all of the K3S_9702 records.

See below that we have entered several K3S_9702 records:

If your company runs both Warehouse and Store Level, you will need to enter K3S_9702 records for the scheduled K3S jobs from both environments. 

For example: if there are four scheduled K3S jobs for the Warehouse side and five scheduled K3S jobs for the Store Level side, you will need to enter a total of nine K3S_9702 records into both the Warehouse and Store Level environment.

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