Add of Products During the Day

Description:  Add of Products During the Day

If a K3S customer would like to have products added during the day, there are two facilities in K3S that can be used to perform this function.  One method utilizes an automatic process and the other method is a manual process. 

Adding products during the day requires the use of file K_INTPRDD.  This file is located in library K3S_5DTA and its sole purpose is for adding
new products during the day. File K_INTPRDD is a mirror image of the file K_INTPROD, which is used for the K3S night job process. Both files contain the same data elements. The difference between the two files is the field name prefix: 

K_INTPROD field prefix letters are IP_    Example: IP_COMP Company ID
K_INTPRDD field prefix letters are IY_     Example: IY_COMP Company ID

K3S recommends that you develop your program that writes to K_INTPROD, used for the K3S night job, first. Once it is running successfully in production then you can develop the logic for the day time writing of K_INTPRDD. This will ensure that you fully understand the different data elements required.

Read further for detailed information on adding a product automatically versus manually during the day.

A) Automatic add of Products during the day

There are two steps to use this automatic add facility:
1) Populate the Physical file K_INTPRDD with the product(s) to be added
2) Call the K3S program K3S_9017CL in library K3S_5MOD to process records

Once a new product has been added to your host product master file, then you can write a record to the K_INTPRDD file by performing a CALL K3S_5MOD/K3S_9017CL. The new product will appear under the supplier’s suggested order in K3S instantly. 

The program K3S_9017CL will read the record(s) in the file, process the record(s), and then delete the record(s) from the K_INTPRDD file.

The source code for program K3S_9017CL is in source file QCLLESRC in library K3S_5MOD. If you need to make adjustments for your environment, remember to compile with the activation group of K3S_ACTG_5.

B) Manual add of Products during the day

Buyers will utilize window program K3S_9018 to populate file K_INTPRDD and add new products.

The steps for a buyer to get to this window program are as follows:
1)  From the K3S Main Menu take option 4. Suggested orders, then 1=Select an order to get to K3S_1020
2)  Now press F2=All to get to screen K3S_1030, where a list of the supplier’s products are appearing. 
3)  Press F15=Add products to Replenish and a WINDOW will appear with 4 choices. 
4)  Choose option 2. Get product from host system and WINDOW program K3S_9018 appears.

Program K3S_9018 will populate K_INTPRDD and then perform edits against the customer’s ERP files, which will need to be put into the program.  These edits ensure the product does exist in the customer’s ERP system and the product does not already exist in the K3S system.

Both K3S_9018 and K3S_9018FM are found in library K3S_5MOD
Note that program K3S_9018 will default to Location 01.  This may need to be changed to fit your environment.