Customer Usage Facility

Description:  Customer Usage Facility

The physical file K_INTCUST is located in the library K3S_5DTA, and can be used to help a customer adjust product averages (increase

or decrease) due to the gain or loss of a big customer.

The customer will develop a program to write records into the K_INTCUST file from their database. Each record will identify the product

by supplier, and the quantity usage can be either a positive value to increase the average, or a negative value to decrease the average.

Below are the fields in file K_INTCUST:

IC_SUPL       10         COLHDG('Supplier' 'ID')                  

        IC_SUPLSUB    10         COLHDG('Sub supplier' 'ID')                 

        IC_PROD       25         COLHDG('Product' 'ID')              

        IC_USAGE       9  2      COLHDG('Quantity' 'usage')   

After the file K_INTCUST has been populated, the user will run a program to accept the transactions into the K3S database so they can

be edited.  


To bring the transactions in file K_INTCUST into the K3S system, the user will need to use the Customer Usage program.

To do this, start from the K3S Main Menu and take option 6. Special programs, and then option 1. Customer Usage System.

This will take you to the K3S_3200 screen shown below:

Press F6=Add to create a new batch, and the screen below will appear:



The user should enter a Memo to describe what this Customer Usage Batch is being built for, like a new store opening, or a large new

customer in the mix, etc. 

If the user would like for the updated averages to be frozen for a period of time, then they should enter a Freeze forecast until date value. 

After the Memo has been entered, and a possible Freeze forecast until date has been entered, the user should now press the F5=External

source key. This will copy all of the transactions from the file K_INTCUST into the K3S files K_CUSTBCH (header) and K_CUSTPRD (detail). 


Once the batch has been populated the user can use option 6=Edit List to print out a listing and review the transactions for validity.

When the user is ready to process the batch use option 8=Process to process the batch.                                                                                             


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