Decision About How to Launch K3S-Replenish® Night Job

Description:  Decision About How to Launch K3S-Replenish(R) Night Job

There are three methods available to choose from to start the K3S night job process:
1) Have your 'end of day' job call the K3S night job CL program as a last step.
2) Use the IBM Job Scheduler (see WRKJOBSCDE K3S*) and the job called K3S_5NIGHT to run 5, 6, or 7 mornings a week at a
 pre-determined time, say 5:00 AM. 
The CL program called K3S_NIGHT located in library K3S_5MOD is to receive five PARMs if you want to initiate the process from your
company’s 'end of day' process.
These 5 PARMs are your company ID (Example ‘A’ for ABC Distributors) followed by 4 library names:

          3) Use your own automated system.