K3S-Replenish® Automated Jobs

Description:  K3S-Replenish(R) Automated Jobs

There are five K3S automated jobs that will be generated during the conversion process. All of these jobs will be in the Status mode of HLD (held).
You can type in WRKJOBSCDE K3S* on a command line to see the jobs.

You will need to check which job queue is being used and make any necessary adjustments for when the jobs run so that they best fit your environment.

You may have your own ROBOT system (several K3S customers do) and not need to use the IBM 'Work with Job Schedule Entries' method. If so, you
will need to see which CLLE programs are being called, and with what parameters.

Example of IBM’s ‘Work with Job Schedule Entries’ method below:

Each of these five jobs are described below:

K3S_5DELET – The purpose of this monthly job is to delete old records within the K3S database. Each K3S Physical file has a corresponding record
in the K_TABLCOD file in the RET type (Retain records  # of days) which specifies how long to keep records. When this process runs, each record is
checked against its # of days for retention, and if a record’s Birth date subtracted from today's date is older than the # of days for retention, the record
is deleted. This job is scheduled for the 1st Sunday of the month.

K3S_5LEADT – The purpose of this monthly job is to process all of the lead time observations collected during the past month in file K_PRODLTM.
This job is scheduled for the 3rd Sunday of the month.

K3S_5NIGHT – The purpose of this job is to run the K3S nightly update process. The schedule for this job must be established to work with your ERP
system schedule. Typically this job is set up to run 5, 6 or 7 days a week. The program that is called within this process is K3S_NIGHT, which is located
in library K3S_5MOD. You may decide to have this program K3S_NIGHT called directly as a last step in your ERP system process, and therefore not need
this K3S automated job to run.

K3S_5RGZPF – The purpose of this monthly job is to reorganize any K3S Physical file that contains more than 10% deleted records. The 10% value is a
parameter that can be changed for your environment. It is the 4th parameter in the CALL statement and is presented as ‘010’. This job is scheduled for the
2nd Sunday of the month.

K3S_5SERVE – The purpose of this weekly job is to re-populate the Service Level Target values for all products, based upon their individual ranking against
the other products. The conversion process is set to create the K3S_5SERVE automated job to call the CL program K3S_4040CL which develops service
level targets based upon Buy Groups. If your company will develop service level targets based upon Product Groups, then you should change the K3S_5SERVE
automated job to call the CL program K3S_4041CL (the same PARMs are used, so there is no adjustment needed for them).