Population for K_PRODHIS File with up to 9 Additional Record Types

Description:  Population for K_PRODHIS File with up to 9 Additional Record Types

The K3S_3030 Product History screen has 9 extra views available to show other types of historical information.  The first view, or screen
1 of 10, shows demand history.  You can have extra screens to show promotions, out of stock, half case, customer contract purchases, etc. 
There are several key things to know about when you build these records.
Field PH_HISTYPE always has a 0 (zero) for K3S Product Demand information. You do not want to change this because it is the foundation
in the K3S system.   However, you can write records for the same product using PH_HISTYPE = 1 through 9.

      Example:    Credits could be                           PH_HISTYPE = 1
                         Exports could be                          PH_HISTYPE = 2
                         Scan data could be                      PH_HISTYPE = 3
                         Customer contract data could be PH_HISTYPE = 4
It is very important to have consecutive years when you want to display several years of information. If you have information for the year 2006
to be displayed, you must also have years 2007, 2008 and 2009 in the file, even if there was no information to display.  Some customers re-use
product id's so it may be that the old history was for the old product. Typically, if you have history for 2, 3 or 4 years back and the current year(s)
is/are blank, the history is irrelevant to this product and should not be sent at all.  Having a product with old history and zero current history will
increase safety stock on that product. You should take the time initially to determine your company's patterns, especially if you re-use product id's.
To be able to control the text that appears in screen K3S_3030, and also which PH_HISTYPE records should be activated for use, you'll need
to get to the K3S Table Code maintenance program.
From K3S Main Menu, take option 9. Operations, then option 3. Table codes, page down several times and then use option 1=Select on type
PHT Product history types.
You don't want to change the first record for '0' Product Demand, but for 1 through 9, use 2=Change, and you can change the Description 1 text
for the history type, and also the Description 2 text for the '2 of x' label.
The FLAG 2 setting controls when the F20=Toggle will skip a type. FLAG 2 = 0 means don't skip and FLAG 2 = 1 means skip this history type.
Example: If we wanted to display just 2 types of history: Product demand on screen 1 of 2 and Bonus Pack History on screen 2 of 2, this is how
we would set it up: 

Set both FLAG 2 settings to zero for the first two records so you are able to F20=TOGGLE between the two views of history.  

Keep FLAG2 for all other records set to 1 so you will be able to skip through them on the history screen.