Reload of History After Conversion

Description:  Reload of History After Conversion

The following steps can be used to reload product demand history after conversion: 

1) Make sure that the appropriate K3S libraries are in your library list. Use EDTLIBL to verify. You will need library K3S_5CNV (conversion library)
above the other K3S libraries.

2) Clear the product history files. Use CLRPFM on both K_PRODHIS (monthly and 13 four weekly) and K_PRODH52 (weekly).

3) Call program K_CVRT11 with PARM of &COMP. This will read the history from K_HIST and load it into either K_PRODHIS and/or K_PRODH52.

4) Call program K3S_3034FX with PARM of 'Y'. This will ensure the 1st sales period (PR_FSTSLPR) and 1st sales year (PR_FSTSLYR) fields in
K_PRODUCT are in sync with history.

5) Call program K_CVRT51 to re-set the forecasting values in K_PRODUCT.
    Set PR_FORCAST = 0, and PR_FORDEVP = 20.0, and PR_FORSERR = 0, and PR_SYSSTAT = 'N', and PR_SEASONL = *blanks.

6) Clear the forecast log file K_PRODFOR using CLRPFM.

7) Clear the seasonal profiles file K_PRODSEZ using CLRPFM.

8) Call program K_CVRT11FX with PARM of &COMP. This program will look for any missing years in files K_PRODHIS and K_PRODH52 that need
to be generated.

9) Call program K3S_CVRTRF with two PARMs of &COMP and 'Y'. This will re-forecast the products, and generate a log record in file K_PRODFOR
for the beginning point.

10) To re-generate suggested orders, first use CLRPFM on both K_SUPLSOQ and K_PRODSOQ, and then call program K3S_1500CL with PARM
of &COMP.

11) To re-generate PE (Period End) batches, first use CLRPFM on both K_PRODSEB and K_PRODSED, then call program K3S_PE_CNV with four

    The first PARM is &COMP. The next three PARMs control creating PE batches for specific forecasting interval groups:
        2nd PARM for forecast interval 12 (monthly)
        3rd PARM for forecast interval 13 (13 four weekly)
        4th PARM for forecast interval 52 (weekly)
                    Note: For the 2nd, 3rd and 4th PARMs, use '0' to not generate PE batch, and use '1' to generate PE batch

12) You will need to re-sync the three Period-to-date values in file K_PRODUCT which are:

            PR_ACCSALE – Accumulated period-to-date sales
            PR_ACCOUTS – Accumulated period-to-date outs
            PR_ACCDEM – Accumulated period-to-date demand

13) You may want to remove old records from file K_DLYPROD, although this is not required.