Table Code Settings for Daily Replenishment

Description:  Table Code Settings for Daily Replenish

Daily replenishment is typically used for cigarette buying. If the customer will be using our daily replenishment function then there are
several table code records that must be set. Note that most of the table code settings described below will be set correctly during the
conversion process, but we recommend verifying the data.

1)  To get to the table codes that are described below, take option 9. Operations from the K3S Main menu, use 1=Select on option 3. Table
codes, use 1=Select on type APP Applications Control, and then use 2=Change on the appropriate table code record. A picture of
each table code is shown below the description.
 K3S_3920 COLLECT - Flag 1 must be set to 1=ON

2) K3S_3433 COLLECT - Flag 1 must be set to 1=ON.  Also set Flag 2 to the appropriate day to capture the results for last week. This
will also be the day where K3S will compare the actual %’s to what was expected and generate the new batch types of WS1, WP1 and
WP2.  The default is for Flag 2=3 (Tuesday)

3) K3S_3920 SHIFT - Flag 1 should be set to 1.  Keep the shift defaults until you know differently.

4) K3S_3439 GEN_EXCPTN - Flag 1 must be set to 1=ON.

5) K3S_1050 DLY_ARRIVE - Flag 1 must be set to 1=ON.