Changing a User's Domain to 'VIEW_ONLY'

Description:  Changing a User's Domain to 'VIEW_ONLY'

You have the ability to change a user’s domain depending upon how each user will use the system.  If a user is expected to update
K3S files and approve orders then they will belong to the BUYERS domain.  However, should a user not be allowed to update K3S
files, then they can be assigned to the ‘VIEW_ONLY’ domain.  The steps below will instruct you on how to change a user from the
BUYERS domain to the VIEW_ONLY domain.

Start at the K3S Main Menu and choose option 8. Management controls, and then choose option 6. Users.  This will take you to the
K3S_9330 User Maintenance screen, as shown below.


Use 1=Select on the User ID you want to work with and press ENTER.

This will take you to the selected individual's User Maintenance screen.  See below that we have selected User Chris Shepard, and
he currently belongs to the BUYERS domain.  


Change the User domain from BUYERS to VIEW_ONLY and press ENTER. 
See example below:

You have now completed the steps to change the user to the VIEW_ONLY domain.                                                                  
Note that when a VIEW_ONLY user signs on to K3S, his/her User ID will appear in Reverse Image on every screen in the system.
This is a signal that the user does not have the authority to update information.

See example below where User ID CHRIS is shown in reverse-image.