Customer Specific Menu

Description:  Customer Specific Menu

The Replenish main menu has option 10. Customer specific, which is set aside to give each customer access to up to 90 different

customer-defined options.  Your company can use these options to run a report, start a query, or any other functional task designed

specifically for your users. 

1)  Once you take option 10. Customer specific from the main menu, you will be at screen K3S_0060 (1 of 6) as shown below.  You

will see that options 1-15 are available on this screen 1 of 6.

2)  You can use the F20=Toggle forward button to advance to 2 of 6 and you will see options 16 – 30 available. Keep using F20=Toggle

forward to see all 90 options. 

3)  In order to activate an option on the Customer specific menu, you will need to add a new table code record of type CST – Customer

specific options. 

To do this, take option 9. Operations from the main menu.  Choose option 3. Table codes.  Use 1=Select next to Type CST –Customer

specific options.

You will now be on the K3S_9061 screen as shown below.  

4)  All 90 possible options for the customer specific menu have a Value appearing for them, with Values for options 01-13 appearing first. 

Use the Page down key to see the rest of the Values. 

5)  To make an option appear on the Customer specific menu, use option 2=Change next to the option number you would like to activate

and press ENTER.

This will take you to the K3S_9061 screen which is pictured below:

6)  Below is a description of the fields you will need to fill out:


    Use Description 1 to define the text that will be displayed for option 01.  

    Use Description 2 to define what program to call when the user chooses option 01.  

    Use Description 3 to tell what library the program being called resides in.  

    Lastly, set Flag 1 equal to 1 in order to turn this option ON.                   

7)  Below is an example of how we would populate the different fields to activate option 01 to call program K3S_LEADTM out of library


8)  Once all of the information has been filled out on this screen press ENTER to activate the customer specific option. 

9)  If you go back to the Customer Specific Menu you will see your new option appearing. See below our 'Report of Supplier Lead Times'

is showing as option 01:



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