Exit Point Programs (CLLE type) During K3S-Replenish® Warehouse Night Job

Description: Exit Point Programs (CLLE type) During K3S-Replenish(R) Warehouse Night Job

You will find 35 exit point programs (CLLE type) in source file QCLLESRC in library K3S_5MOD that begin with the name of K3S_X010CL
and go through the name of K3S_X310CL.

Many parameters are passed to these exit point programs providing K3S customers the flexibility to run their own programs integrated with
the K3S night job process.

We recommend that you confer with a K3S consultant prior to making any changes in this area, to ensure that you have understood the
implications of having K3S files in the activation group of K3S_ACTG_5.

If you do make a change to any of the exit point programs, remember to compile the CLLE program with activation group of K3S_ACTG_5
and place the changed object into library K3S_5MOD.

Another standard used by a K3S programmer when making a change to any of the 35 exit point programs, is to place three asterisks into the
Text for that source member. This makes it very easy to identify which exit point source members have been adjusted by a programmer. In the
example below you can see that the exit point program K3S_X090CL has been adjusted by a programmer.

Member Type Text
K3S_X050CL CLLE Exit - Before schedule process to get next day MOD
K3S_X055CL CLLE Exit - Before Clear to active products counter MOD
K3S_X060CL CLLE Exit - Before Remove Temporary records section MOD
K3S_X070CL CLLE Exit - Before Copy of K_INTPROD process MOD
K3S_X077CL CLLE Exit - Before Change product source MOD
K3S_X080CL CLLE Exit - Before Supplier Validation section MOD
K3S_X090CL CLLE Exit***Before Product Linkage section MOD
K3S_X100CL CLLE Exit - Before Trans Supl update to K_INTPROD MOD
K3S_X110CL CLLE Exit - Before K_INTPROD process via K3S_9010 MOD
K3S_X120CL CLLE Exit - Before Transfer supplier copy history MOD
K3S_X130CL CLLE Exit - Before Save of Alternate Source orders MOD


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