How to Setup Selected Product Review Batch of Type Qxx

Description:  How to Setup Selected Product Review Batch of Type Qxx

K3S has the capability for each customer to develop up to 99 customized Selected products review batches with type Q01 through Q99. 


This is accomplished by setting up new SPR - Selected products review types in the K3S Table Code file, and then developing an RPG 

program to pick out the products that fit the criteria for each batch.  


1)  The first step is to add the new batch type into the K3S table code maintenance program.  

To do this, start by taking option 9. Operations from the main menu. 

Next select option 3. Table codes.

Press Page down until you see Type SPR Selected products review type and 1=Select it. 
 (see below)

2)  After using 1=Select on table code type SPR you will need to press F6=Add to add each new batch type (Q01, Q02, etc) you would

like to create.

Pressing F6=Add will cause the K3S_9061 screen to appear. (See below)

3)  You will need to enter information into the following fields: 

    Enter the sequential batch number, using the format of Q01-Q99, in the Table code value field. 

    Type the description of the batch in the Description 1 field. 

    Choose the default program type that users will go to when they are looking at products in the batch in the Description 2 field. 

                Example:    A = K3S_8000 - All locations for a product  

                                   D = K3S_1040 - Orders - Product Detail screen 

                                   H = K3S_3030 - Product History screen  

                                   P  = K3S_3000 - Product Maintenance 

                                   W = K3S_3431 - Weekly Distribution  

    Set Flag 1 to 1=ON. 

See the example Q01 batch we will be creating below with all of the appropriate fields populated:



4)  Once you have entered the appropriate information, press ENTER to add your new Qxx Batch.   

For each new Qxx batch type you will need to generate a corresponding RPG program with the name K3S_3Qxx. 


You will find the program K3S_3Q01 in library K3S_5MOD for the type Q01 - Out of stock and none on order.  This program will serve as a 

template for you to create other Qxx batch types. 

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