K3S_XRPTCL Exit - After Report Print

Description:  K3S_XRPTCL Exit - After Report Print

The purpose of CL program K3S_XRPTCL in K3S_5MOD is to allow your report data to be converted to csv files so that you can export
them to PC applications such as Excel.

There are two steps you must follow in order to enable this function:
Create the CVTTOSTMF utility

Below are more detailed instructions for each step:

1) Create the CVTTOSTMF utility:

Look in source member CVTTOSTMF in K3S_5MOD/QCLLESRC and you will see several comment lines that guide you in creating the
CVTOSTMF utility on your system. Follow each of these steps in the order they appear.

2) Modify K3S_XRPTCL:

In program K3S_XRPTCL there are 8 CALLs to CVTTOSTMF that have been commented out. Un-comment all 8 CALLs to CVTTOSTMF
and recompile K3S_XRPTCL in K3S_5MOD to activation group K3S_ACTG_5.

When you are done with these steps you can test it by running one of the K3S reports.

To run a report, get to the K3S main menu and take option 7. Reports, then choose 4. Ranking reports, select report 1. Sales value dollar
then hit F22=Submit to generate the report.

Once the report has finished, you can view the csv file by getting back to a command line and typing command WRKLNK.  When the object
links appear use 5=Display on the object link  that is the User ID you are currently signed in to the IBM POWER SERVER with.  Now you
should see a stream file (Type = STMF) with an object link name of K_RANKSPL.csv.  You can use 5=Display  to view the csv file. We default
the name of the csv file to the name of the file the report writes the data to.