Period Ending Date

Description:  Period Ending Date

At the close of each year, either K3S or an appointed person at your company will need to check the period ending date schedule for

the end of the current year and the sequence for the upcoming year.  


All forecasting interval types (weekly, monthly, and 13 4-weekly) end each period on the first of the month by default. Thus, it is especially important to review the period ending schedule if you use the 13-4 weekly or a weekly forecasting interval.   

Reviewing the period ending schedule also allows you the ability to control what day each period will end on. Customers typically pick

Friday or Saturday as the ending dates for all periods.  

The steps to review and/or change the period ending dates are listed below.  

1)  Start at the K3S Main Menu and choose option 9. Operations, and then choose option 2. Period ending schedule and press ENTER.

You will now be on screen K3S_9090 shown below:

2)  Locate the Year and Forecast interval fields. Change them to the appropriate year or forecast interval you want to work with and

press ENTER

Example: See below that we want to work with the period ending schedule for 52 (weekly) forecasting in the year 2011. 



3)  You are able to use option 2=Change period ending date to change the period ending date and day of the week.

For the example pictured above, all periods are defaulting to end on Saturday, but we want to change them to end on Friday.

By using option 2=Change on Forecast Period 1 and pressing ENTER a window will appear that allows you to change the ending date of Forecast Period 1. 

This window is pictured below; notice it is defaulting to the current ending date of 010811 (Saturday).





4)  We will now change the ending date of Forecast Period 1 to 010711 (Friday) and press ENTER.

Back on the K3S_9090 screen, which is pictured below, see that Forecast Period 1 has an ending date of 01/07/2011 (Friday):

5)  If we wanted to continue this pattern of ending each period on a Friday to the other 51 periods, then you do not have to go into each period individually to make the changes.  Instead, use option 6=Adjust remaining periods for year on the period that has the changes you want to copy. See below:

6)  Now press ENTER and the changes will be copied to all periods in the specified year. 

See below that all periods have been changed to end on a Friday:


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