Providing Management Capabilities for a User

Description:  Providing Management Capabilities for a User

This section provides instructions on how to setup a user in K3S to have full management capabilities.  Full management capabilities
enable a user to run any K3S menu option.  Only an existing user with full management capabilities can setup a new user with full
management capabilities.

From the K3S Main Menu take option 9. Operations, choose option 3. Table codes, and then 1=Select Type of APP Applications
and press ENTER.

You will now be on the K3S_9061 screen with a listing of table code records in type APP.                                                         
Roll down several times until you see the records that have a Value beginning with the word RESTRICT, as shown in the screen below.

The RESTRICT records show you a list of the existing users in your K3S system that currently have full Management capabilities. 

Use 5=View on one of the existing RESTRICT records so that you can see the information you will be keying in for your new user. 

See below we have chosen to VIEW the restrict record for BH_PGMR. Take note of the information in the Table code value,
Description 1
, and Flag 1 fields. You will need to enter similar information for your new user. 

Press F12=Previous.  This will return you to the list of Table Code Records.  Now press F6=Add.

You are now at an entry screen where you can enter the new user information. See screen below where we have entered a RESTRICT
record for user SAMMY:

Notice that the Table code value is composed of two 10 character parts: type RESTRICT into the 1st part, and the User ID for the new
user into the 2nd part.

The Description 1 field can contain any text you would like to enter, but we typically try to keep it consistent between records.

The Flag 1 field must contain the value of 1 for 1=Yes. 

Once you have entered the information for the new user, press ENTER.