Skip LT Forecasting? (N=No, Y=Yes)

Description:  Skip LT Forecasting?  (N=No, Y=YES)

You have the option of giving buyers the ability to skip lead time forecasting from the approval screen.  By setting up this capability, the
following field will appear on the K3S_1050 Approval screen on line 17:

  Skip LT Forecasting?  N  (N=No, Y=Yes)
The default is ‘N’ to not skip LT forecasting, but the buyer can change to a 'Y' Yes when approving the order, if that PO should be skipped
for LT calculations.
The answer gets passed to program K3S_1100 as a PARM, and finally stored in field IB_BLANK in file K_INTORDB (header).
When you are populating records into file K_PRODLTM from PO receiving, use logical file K_INTORDBA and check if field IB_BLANK = 'Y’. 
If it does, then the field PL_SKIPLT should be populated with a 1 (1=Yes to skip), else it is a 0 (0=No, use it).
If you want to use other strategies to say 'skip', then these 2 programs (K3S_1050 and K3S_1100) are the ones to adjust.