Three Files Required For Conversion

Description:  Three Files Required for Conversion

There are 3 files that will need to be populated for the conversion effort:

The record layout for each file follows.
For the Company ID we typically just use the first character of the company's name.

Example:  We would use ‘A’ for ABC Distributors.
Both the K_VEND and K_HIST files reside in library K3S_5CNV and will be used only once for the conversion.
The file K_INTPROD resides in two libraries: K3S_5DTA and K3S_5DLY. Your programmer should develop a program that will write to this
file (in library K3S_5DLY) for every product that should end up in K3S. That program will run every night and completely re-populate the file
(CLRPFM first).