'Your Space' on K3S_1030

Description:  'Your Space' on K3S_1030

The K3S_1030 screen gives you the option to customize up to 20 characters of information for the subfile of products that appear on the screen. RPG
program K3S_XP1030 out of library K3S_5MOD is the program that controls what information is shown in the ‘Your Space’ column on the K3S_1030
screen shown below.

Once you have adjusted K3S_XP1030 to show information on the K3S_1030 screen you will need to adjust the title for the ‘Your Space’ column. 

  • Start from the K3S Main Menu and choose option 9.Operations. 
  • Choose option 3.Table codes from the next menu. 
  • Use option 1=Select on Table Code Type YSP – Your space for subfiles. 
  • Use option 2=Change on Table Code Value K3S_1030 and you will end up at screen 9061. 
  • Description 3 provides the text that will appear as the column heading on K3S_1030.  You have up to 20 characters available to edit the column heading.  
  • After you have made your changes press ENTER.  The new column heading will now appear on K3S_1030.