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K3S_2000 SP_GROUP1

Require specific GROUP1 values


This application record allows you to control whether or not the supplier Group 1 field on the K3S_2000 Supplier Maintenance screen requires an entry.  Group 1 is a 5 character field that can be customized to contain information to fit your company’s environment.  This application record also allows you to designate a default value for this field.


If you would the Group 1 field to require an entry, set Flag 1 to 1=ON.

To set the default entry for Group 1, utilize the 5-character field in Description 3. The Description 2 field above shows a mask of XXXX, indicating that you have 5 spaces available to set your default entry. The default entry right now is ABCDE.  See the screen below for an example of where the default entry for the Group 1 field is.

If you would not like the Group 1 field to require an entry and thus allows users to leave the field blank if needed, set Flag 1 to 0=OFF.