This will return the date of the last update to the order cycle for a supplier.

BOTH            K3SOBJ            'K3S Object library'            10A
BOTH            COMP              'Company'                        1A
BOTH            COMPCOD           'Company code'                   3A
BOTH            USER              'User calling the program'      10A
BOTH            ERRORS            'Error indicator'                1A
BOTH            ERRMSG            'Error message'                100A
BOTH            ERRFIELD          'Field in error'                20A
BOTH            IDLOCN            'ID location'                    5A
BOTH            IDSUPL            'ID supplier'                   10A
BOTH            IDSUPLSUB         'ID sub supplier'               10A
BOTH            RVORCYCDAT        'Last Order Cycle Date'         10A