Additional Features

Description: This section describes additional setup features that your company may want to use in the K3S-Replenish® Store Level environment. The facilities described below are typically not setup during the initial implementation period. 

Automatic Email

K3S-Replenish® Store Level can be setup to automatically email reports at 5:00pm on Friday.  These reports can be sent to the head management of the chain and/or the K3S-Replenish® Store Level Coordinator.  These emails can include any of the store level reports provided in the K3S-Replenish® Store Level system.  Some of our customers use this facility to monitor their store manager's performance using K3S-Replenish® Store Level.  This feature can also aid in monitoring how service level and on hand inventory dollars have changed since starting the K3S-Replenish® Store Level program. 

This feature utilizes job K3S_STREML, which calls program K3S_7200CL in K3S_STRMOD.  

Contact K3S when you are ready to implement this feature. 

Contract products 


K3S-Replenish® Store Level offers an optional feature to help store managers stay in stock on contract products. When this feature is used, all contract products are forced to a minimum Order point (for cigarettes the default is two cartons).  If a contract product has a much higher Order point amount, such as 15 units, then the product will not be affected.  Only the very slow moving contract products with an Order point of 1 unit will be affected. 

Contact K3S when you are ready to implement this feature. 

Generate Average Order

K3S-Replenish® Store Level provides a feature that generates an average order for a store. This feature can be used in a pinch when a store will not be able to transmit their on hand quantities as they normally would because the manager is sick, etc. This feature utilizes past order history to determine how many units should be shipped to the store this week.  This is not something that should be used often but can be a nice saver when the store is in a bind on a particular week. 

Contact K3S when you are ready to implement this feature. 

Philip Morris 50% Requirement - for Cigarettes only

The Philip Morris 50% requirement states that on any given week the number of cartons shipped to the store for 5 particular Philip Morris products must be at least ½ the carton quantity shipped to the store last week. For example, if we sent 60 total cartons last week for the 5 Philip Morris products, then we must ship at least 30 for those same 5 items this week. 

K3S-Replenish® Store Level has a way to monitor the number of cartons that will be shipped to the store and if a delivery happens to fall below the 50% requirement then extra cartons will be added on to ensure the store meets the minimum.  Any extra cartons that are sent will be of the top seller out of the 5 selected Philip Morris products. 

Note this feature only works for stores that receive one cigarette delivery a week.

Contact K3S when you are ready to implement this feature.