K3S_1015 - Store Level Version

This screen allows you to view past orders. 

How do you get to the K3S_1015 screen?

1) Take option 4. Suggested orders from the main menu. 
2) Press F23=Approved Orders Summary from K3S_1010.

The Purc inc corresponds to ‘purchase increment’. This tells you the total number of cartons that were sent to a store in a particular order.
Example: The QSS Quick Stop Shop #302 received 274 cartons from the order on 09/23/2007.

To view orders in between a specified time period, use the End and Begin fields under the Approved column: 
Note: The date must be entered in as 6 digits: mmddyy
Example: January 8, 2004 would be entered as: 010804

To view orders for a specific chain, specify the chain ID in the Buy field.
Example: The screen above has been set to view only approved orders from the QSS chain. 

To view all past orders, press F2=All.

To view orders only for a specific store, enter the store number in the Supplier field.
Example: the screen below is only showing order for the store number 001223. 


If you want to see the time that an order was transmitted, use F20=Toggle to get to page 2 of 3, which is shown below.  
Locate the Time field for the time of transmission.