K3S_1020 - Store Level Version

This screen shows summary information for a chosen store.

How do you get to the K3S_1020 screen?

1) Take option 4. Suggested orders from the main menu. 
2) Use option 1=Select to select a store from K3S_1010.


If you want to know how many products a store has listed under Store Level replenishment, locate the RV number.  (RV refers to ‘products reviewed’)
Example: The screen above shows there are 233 products on Store Level replenishment for account 001216 Trailblazer store #304.     

The totem pole is displayed along the right-hand portion of the screen.  All of the two-letter codes in the totem pole represent subsets of the RV number. 

The Select check field gives you the ability to select and review only those products that belong to a specific category of the totem pole.
Example:  By putting SQ into the Select check field and pressing ENTER, we will be able to review only the SQ products for this store. 

To figure out what each two-letter code means, press F4=Prompt on the Select check field.
Example:    SQ refers to ‘suggested quantity,’ which is the total number of products in a store’s order. The SQ number pictured above tells us that 88 of this store’s 233 products were sent more inventory on the last order. 

Press F2=All to bring up all products in the store.