K3S_1040 - Store Level Version

This screen shows detailed information for a specific product.

How do you get to the K3S_1040 screen?

1) Take option 4. Suggested orders from the main menu. 
2) Use option 1=Select to select a store from K3S_1010. 
3) Press F2=All or select a category from the totem pole on K3S_1020. 
4) Use option 1=Select or option F21= Start on K3S_1030.  

Store Rank indicates a specific product’s ranking within a store, based upon the average number of cartons shipped to the store in a month.

Chain Rank indicates a specific product’s ranking within the entire chain, based upon the average number of cartons shipped to the store in a month.

Both Store Rank and Chain Rank are updated every Sunday. 

Lead Time describes the total span of days between performing the On hand counts, transmitting the On hand counts, receiving the products at the store, and finally putting the products on the shelf where they are available for sale. The default lead time is 2 days.
Example: If a store takes their On hand counts on Monday, and after receiving the shipment has the products available for sale on Wednesday, this is  considered a 3 day lead time: Monday + Tuesday + Wednesday = 3 days.  

Order Cycle refers to how often a store transmits an order to the K3S-Replenish® Store Level system.  The default order cycle is 7 days.
Example: If a store transmits their On hand counts every Monday, then an order is calculated by the K3S-Replenish® Store Level system once a week. Thus, the order cycle is 7 days.  

The Order Point can also be referred to as the Build To number. 

Based upon what the store manager transmits as the On hand carton quantity for a product, K3S-Replenish® Store Level will give a Suggested quantity of cartons that the store needs in order to build up the inventory to the level of the Order Point.  

Example: The Order Point for the product above is 46 cartons.  We see that the store  manager says they have 21 cartons On hand.  Thus, K3S-Replenish® Store Level generates a  Suggested quantity of 25 cartons to build the store back up to the order point.  

    Order Point    -    On hand     =     Suggested cartons to ship
      46                -        21           =           25

Note:  It is likely that more cartons will have sold by the time the store receives the Suggested quantity of cartons in the next delivery.  Thus, it is important to understand that a store may never truly reach the Order Point level of cartons.