K3S_1042 - Store Level Version

This screen shows detailed shipment information for a specific product. 

How do you get to the K3S_1042 screen?

1) Take option 4. Suggested orders from the main menu. 
2) Use option 1=Select to select a store from K3S_1010. 
3) Press F2=All or select a category from the totem pole on K3S_1020. 
4) Use option 1=Select or option F21= Start on K3S_1030. 
5) Press F5=Daily interface information on K3S_1040.   


This screen will show actual shipments sent to the store for a specific product.  Even though Store Level uses the On hand count to calculate how many cartons should be sent to the store, this screen will show you how many cartons were actually shipped to the store.

When there is a discrepancy about how many cartons were shipped to the store, this screen is a good basis for comparison to the K3S_STRS screen.  K3S_STRS will show what Store Level calculated to ship while K3S_1042 will show what your company actually shipped out of the warehouse. 

Although this screen is titled ‘Daily interface information,’ we only show detail from days when cartons were shipped. 

Note that the date of any Sales will be one day greater than the date the store transmitted their order.  This is because the K3S_1042 screen is updated in the night job from your system.  For example: if a store transmits on September 18th, the K3S_STRS screen will show a date of September 18th but the K3S_1042 screen will show a date of September 19th.