K3S_3030 - Store Level Version

This screen shows an individual product’s history of how many cartons were sent to the store in a given month.

How do you get to the K3S_3030 screen?

1) Take option 4. Suggested orders from the main menu. 
2) Use option 1=Select to select a store from K3S_1010. 
3) Press F2=All or select a category from the totem pole on K3S_1020. 
4) Use option 3=Hst on K3S_1030   --or--   press F2=History from K3S_1040. 

The screen above shows the monthly history for the years 2003 through 2006. 
Example: 118 cartons were sent in September of 2003, 171 cartons were sent in September of 2004, and 98 cartons were sent in September of 2005.  This product is currently in the September 2006 period. 

Ptd sales tells us how many cartons have been sent to the store this month.   Once a month ends, the current Ptd sales will become the value that appears in the history column. 
Example:     The screen above shows the current Ptd sales for the month of September as 71 cartons.  If the month were to end today, then the value shown in Ptd Sales would become the value that appears under the September column for the year 2006.

The Average number of cartons sent to this store in a month is 109.54 cartons.  The Average is calculated using the previous months of history and a weighted average technique. 

To recalculate the Average, use option F21=History and tab over to the month you want to start taking the history from.  Press ENTER and then F21=History again to accept the changes. 

New products, who have no product history, will default to an Average of 2 cartons a month and an Order Point of 1 Carton. 

Pressing F19=Log will take you to a log of changes where you can review any changes that have been made to a product’s Average.