The 5 Rules of Store Level for Cigarettes & Tobacco

Description: These are the 5 Rules when transmitting inventory quantities to the Store Level system:

1. Enter into your transmission unit how many cartons you have on hand for each product.

2. If you have 0 (zero) cartons on hand, enter 0 into your transmission unit. 
*Note some units do not recognize ‘0’ thus enter ‘999’ to indicate a zero quantity 

3. If you want to count packs in your carton total, the suggested rule is: 

1 - 5 packs = 0 cartons 

6 - 10 packs = 1 carton 

4. If you need extra cartons and it is not your normal order day, call your Store Level coordinator. 

5. If you need to increase your normal order (for a holiday or special event) call your Store Level coordinator in advance. 

How does K3S-Replenish® Store Level calculate how much to ship to the Store? 

Order point carton quantity    –    # of cartons ‘On hand’    =    # of cartons shipped to the store