What is K3S-Replenish® Store Level?

What is K3S-Replenish® Store Level?

K3S-Replenish® Store Level is an inventory replenishment system developed by King III Solutions, Inc. (K3S). While originally only used to calculate how many cartons of cigarettes a convenience store needs, the system has been expanded to work with an entire range of products at a retail store. 

The Store Level system works by calculating a build to value for each product.  It is the store's responsibility to transmit how much they have on hand for each item. By knowing these two values, Store Level can generate the amount needed for each product. 

How was K3S-Replenish® Store Level developed?

K3S-Replenish® Store Level started as a joint idea through K3S and a convenience store distributor. This distributor wanted a smarter way to manage its store’s most valuable inventory, cigarettes, while not requiring any equipment change at the store. Using K3S-Replenish® Warehouse software as a starting point, the two companies were able to develop K3S-Replenish® Store Level. 

Since the Store Level interfaces and programs have evolved from K3S-Replenish® Warehouse, this means the screens and field names remain unchanged from the Warehouse software. However, the math has been adapted to specifically address replenish inventory at the store level. 

Who makes K3S-Replenish® Store Level work?

K3S-Replenish® Store Level requires a joint effort between the Store Level Coordinator and the Store Manager. The Store Level Coordinator is responsible for the proper setup of the store and maintaining the build to values.  The Store/Store Manager is responsible for sending accurate on hand quantities. In some scenarios the store manager will be conducting physical inventory counts, and thus the Store Level Coordinator will also need to properly train the Manager on how to conduct a proper inventory count.

After initial setup has been completed, the Store Level Coordinator will maintain all K3S-Replenish® Store Level stores and provide assistance to the store managers when needed.