Product History

Product History

Is the product average correct? The average on your Product History screen is the foundation on which the system builds a suggested order. The system uses exponential smoothing to calculate this number. Exponential smoothing puts more emphasis on recent history while still taking into account all the history available to the system. If you think demand patterns are changing, you have the ability to take the average from any previous period you choose. 

 Adjusting the Average

It is possible to adjust the average directly by clicking on the average field and typing in a new average. Most of the time this is not the most effective way to adjust the average. By typing it in directly you are actually telling the system to ignore all the past history and start clean with the number you just typed. The more effective way of adjusting the average is to do it indirectly by going to the edit history screen and telling the system to re-average from a new point in time. 

Click the Edit History button on the Product History screen and you will now be in Edit History mode. The box around your product history should turn a light green and it will say Edit History in the upper left hand corner (see picture to the right). Take your cursor and place it in a periods history and hit enter. The system will use from that period until the current period to calculate the average. On the bottom of the screen it will display how many periods were used to calculate this new average. This is not 'set' until you click save.                    

Did someone adjust this?

It is possible you (or even another user) adjusted the average earlier. There is a very simple way to see if there were any prior adjustments. Click the 'Changes Log' button to see what what prior adjustments had been made.