Daily Sales

Daily Sales

Do your daily sales tell you anything? K3S-Replenish® can show you your receipts, sales, lost sales, as well as which customer ordered how much and when. 

From the product details screen click the 'Daily Sales' button near the bottom right. You will see all the orders from your customers as well as how many were shipped. 

Using your knowledge of your customers you should be able to inspect whether the customers had some peculiar behavior or just increased/decreased their expected demand. 

Daily Product Information

If everything checks out in 'Daily Sales' from the product details screen, press the 'Daily Product Information' button. Here you will see the details of this particular product and how they have changed day to day. This is a great screen for identifying possible warehouse issues or otherwise.

Use both of these screens to identify any possible kink in the system that maybe giving your order issues.