Lead Time

Lead Time

Are your lead times correct? On initial setup you input the lead time for a supplier. After that the system records each products lead time and calculates the appropriate lead time for each product for each order.

Inspect the Lead Time

Lead time factors in when suggested orders are created and how much inventory you carry. The longer the lead time the farther you have to plan out how much product to order. 

From the Product Details screen click the 'Lead Times' button at the bottom. Click the button and inspect the receipt of deliveries for product. This should give you an idea if there is are some abnormal deliveries.

If you need to adjust the lead time, go to the product maintenance for the product. This can be accomplished by clicking on the Product Maintenance button after opening up any product. Toggle through to screen 3 of 5 (SOQ Components). Here check the lead time and adjust it if necessary. Recalculate the order and see if the new suggestion makes more sense.

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