Product Usage Set

Setting a Product Profile

If you have confirmed the supplier profile is set properly and your order still does not seem correct, it is time to look at individual products.  It is possible for individual products to follow a different shipment pattern that the supplier as a whole.  This can cause you to run short on these products  throughout the week.  K3S-Replenish allows you to apply profiles to individual products to account for these fluctuations in movement. 

From your supplier order summary screen, click on the "Supplier Maintenance" button.  Once here, select "Daily Replenishment".  This will bring up the same table we reviewed earlier to set the supplier profile.  

Click on the button labeled "Weekly Product Distribution" in the lower left hand corner of the screen.  This will display a list of all of the products for this supplier.  

At the top of the screen, you will see the "Supplier Set". Right-click on a product to review and select "Weekly History".  

This will show a list of the historical shipments for this product.  Look through the list to see if there are any weeks that would be abnormal.  An example would be weeks with a holiday where you may not have shipped every day.  Exclude these weeks so they are not included in your profile by right clicking on their row and selecting "Exclude".  Once you have reviewed the history, click the "Analyze" button at the bottom of the page.

K3S-Replenish will use the actual shipment history to create a profile for this product and display it accordingly.  If this profile looks acceptable, click on the button titled "Use Results For Product".  You have now set the profile K3S-Replenish will use to calculate future orders.

Click "Close" to go back.  

If you have updated any of these values, recalculate your order to see the effect the changes have had.

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