Learning K3S-Replenish® Warehouse

These pages are dedicated to teaching users the K3S-Replenish® Warehouse system. They are laid out in five separate week long sections and can be taken on your own or led by an instructor. All new customers to K3S will have instructor led training followed up by an two day onsite visit (the 5th week). This instructor led training contains email support, system homework, and hour long conference calls that coach users through the lessons and give them time to ask questions.  

Before starting your training......

First, a user needs to make sure they are able to sign into K3S-Replenish®. Click the link below and follow our guide if you have yet to sign into K3S-Replenish®.

Next, to help better serve our customers we have developed instructional videos to guide users through their different lessons and exercises. Your computer may not have the access or software when starting out to view and use all instructional videos. Click the link below and follow the instructions to make sure you are able to properly use and view the videos. 

K3S-Replenish® Warehouse Beginner Training

Listed below are the lessons for K3S-Replenish® Users. It is recommended that anyone involved in management of buyers take this course. There is also a manager's guide found here: Management Guide.

           On-Site -       K3S-Replenish® Warehouse (Week Five if you're training on your own)

Overview of K3S-Replenish® Warehouse Quiz - How well do you know and understand your new buying system?

K3S-Replenish® Warehouse Advanced Training

After Beginner Training has been completed users will move on to learning the more advanced capabilities of the K3S-Replenish® system. This 'How To' section linked below will help you learn how to handle specific scenarios related to buying from your suppliers in K3S-Replenish®.

          How To Guide